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Be a part of the next generation in digital marketing. Get ready to leave your mark around the world, join Nokia’s Digital Transformation team in Budapest, Hungary, and -in concert with other stakeholders - take Nokia’s digital marketing technology solutions to the next level.

Work with highly skilled professionals across the globe, have a positive impact on people’s lives and help to overcome some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

We create technology that has the potential to change the world and we need your expertise in achieving this. You can be part of our journey to create technology designed to meet real human needs.


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We are excited that you are interested in Nokia as an employer. Our selection process is straight-forward and if you have any question regarding the process or opportunities at Nokia Digital Marketing, please do reach out to our recruiters highlighted in our?job advertisements.


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Balazs – The Tech Wizard at Nokia, Budapest


It’s great to work with likeminded people and to bounce ideas – even crazy ones. We have a fresh, one could say a perfect office environment, that supports our working culture. Having so many professionals in an open space, I can always get in touch with a colleague and brainstorm on the next massive thing. Working with so many smart colleagues is helping me to constantly develop myself.

I started my current “role” at the age of 12 by dismantling computers, figuring out software and hardware. At the end, these are the fundamentals of IT. For me, working at Nokia has been a long-time goal, due to its reputation within technology and the fact that Nokia represents a cool brand.

I have noticed how people are wondering how the future is shaped and that there is always room for improvement – that is what Nokia does. We are big on sustainable development, at the same time we are constantly developing new innovations.

I’m amazed of the direction and the vision Nokia has about technological future. It’s rewarding to work in a company that is at the core of network technology and self-driving cars development while being one of the people supporting technological future. We are simply shaping the future of technology - Isn’t that awesome?

I am an idealist and my goal is to impact our society in a productive and sustainable manner.

Nokia truly supports me and is a company with a highly sophisticated social responsibility. I appreciate this. I believe that corporations have an increasing impact on societies and need to partner with local governments. I was glad to find out that Nokia is very keen on developing technologies that benefit the public sector, such as helping with disaster recovery.

Corporate wellbeing at Nokia is a high priority. In the Budapest Nokia offices where I am based we have a great system for child care, so I can basically pop down during the working day and have lunch with my kids and spend quality time with them. I wish more companies would consider the same approach. The social awareness we have at Nokia is simply amazing!


Eszter and Marton – the duo behind Nokia’s campaigns

Eszter and Marton

While having different background Eszter and Marton share the same passion and assignment in the Nokia campus in Budapest:” As we are working in a global market, we have colleagues all around the world. It’s good to be part of such a team. We define the global approach, which is then transformed into regionally suitable forms.”

“Nokia provides a work community where uniqueness, vision and personal motivation are valued and understood.” At Nokia, respecting diversity and using it as an asset seems to be self-evident and a norm, said these two young professionals at our Nokia campus in Budapest.

Eszter, working as Global Campaign Manager, is an expert within campaign planning and strategy. With her strong background in B2B campaigns, she brings a solid view and an interesting insight from the field of campaigns. “Working in a global market is challenging but it is mainly a great adventure. Leadership driven change, like we have at Nokia, can have a significant impact.” Eszter also talked about the digital transformation:” You can really give the customer an experience that they have not had before. That’s amazing!” We have a vision on how the future will look: It’s high tech! It is fun to be part of the crew creating the future landscape” Eszter elaborates.

Marton?used to work in creative. Also working as a Global Campaign Manager, he is enjoying the freedom to execute ideas that are out of the box. Having gained experience with B2C brands gives him a great advantage to approach his current position with fresh touch. Marton explains:” Nokia has the mindset of constant learning, this enables fresh and innovative ideas to flourish! People in my team come from various backgrounds, it’s great that Nokia understands the beauty of it. I feel like the management level is open to innovative approaches. It’s very important for me to believe in the brand where I’m an ambassador. I really do believe that Nokia is at the forefront of all technologies.”


Global Marketing Hub

Both, Eszter and Marton feel like within the year they have had the pleasure of being part of Nokia, a lot of changes have taken place. As the world around us changes rapidly, companies need to keep evolving, Nokia understands this and is up for the challenge.

Marton: "As we are working in a global market, we have colleagues all around the world. It’s good to be part of such a crowd. We define the global approach, which is then transformed into regionally suitable forms.”

Eszter continued on the same theme:” It can be culturally challenging as well. While different global regions are using different social media platforms, and have their unique cultural features and so on, one has to have a global mindset to execute this job with ambitious standards.” Eszter is thrilled when she sees her colleagues from the other side of the world” It’s a pity that there is a lack of face-to-face communication, but when we finally see a co-worker we have been in contact with for a while, its’ like long-lost friends being united!” Marton sums it up” It is our role to interact with people around the world.”

Flexible working hours and independent remote work is also a part of the culture Nokia promotes – this allows team members to keep up a healthy balance between work and private life.” They understand that, behind our titles, we are people – as long as you do what is expected from you and bring in high quality results.”

"We both love travelling and exploring new cultures – and it seems like that is one thing that is common to our whole team.” Both Eszter and Marton agreed.